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The best thing about doing business with Dock Architects is that we focus our attention on selecting quality materials and utilizing design methods to build out the project to exceed our customer’s requests. The proof is that most of our current business stems from the referral relationships we have built with neighbors and their associates of our past customers.

Our company’s mission is to provide our customers with a superior boat dock experience. We seek to grow our marina business to compete on a national scale as well as to become the regional expert to large and small customers.

Our founder Brian Cox has spent most of his life in developing products and services for the companies that he has founded and worked for. He was raised around lake properties in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas. He spent much of his summers working on his families boat docks and marinas. He was an competitive slalom and barefoot water skier for 20 years.
Brian founded Dock Architects LLC in March of 2023 to further develop the Coastal and Central Texas commercial and residential marine properties. Dock Architects has 10 employees at 2 locations. The 3200 sqft manufacturing facility in Corpus Christi, TX is where they continue to build aluminum floating and stationary modular boat dock sections, hydraulic boat lifts and cradles, boat dock covers and other misc. products such as picnic tables, aluminum fencing and entry gates. They are currently building up their smaller facility in Cedar Park (Austin) where they currently have ongoing private dock projects.

His Experience:

1985 Brian started his first 4 years as a Design Engineer at Raytheon/Beech Aircraft while attending Wichita State University focused on a degree in Aeronautical Engineering having a discipline in mechanical design, manufacturing technology and material science.

1989 Brian moved to Austin, TX to begin what would be a 16+ year career as a Business Development Engineer for the 3M company and received a BS in Physics at the University of North Dakota in 1998.

2004 Brian left 3M and founded Fixeon LLC, a successful semiconductor wafer shipping device and robotics company for 12 years.

2016 Brian’s next project was to create QuiqRooms LLC, a modular cleanroom construction business which is still in business.

2019 Brian worked for Mike Brock as his Engineering, Sales and Operations Manager of Brock Dock, where he was charged with increasing business by designing and managing many upscale private and commercial boat dock and marina projects on the local lakes of central Texas.

2021 Brian joined The Boston Group as their Special Projects Engineer to design, develop and manage the construction project of the private multi million dollar Laguna Shores/Boat Stop Marina project.

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